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Moon Salutations

Moon Salutations with Kendell Romanelli

Moon Salutations are a flowing yoga practice designed to draw the energy of the body, mind and heart, inward to a more reflective nature honoring the energy of the full moon. In this workshop we will combine the Moon Salutation sequence with mantras, meditations and restorative postures. We will use the practice of candle gazing and a guided deep relaxation to clear the mind and calm the soul. It is a time to heal and reflect on all the beauty within us and around us.

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Reflecting Light on a Blanket of White
Friday, February 6 | 6:30-8:30pm | $25 | Strip District

Women's Healing Circle

Women's Healing Circle with Kendell Romanelli

This class is designed to use the energy of yoga, mantra and meditation to heal the body mind and soul. It is open to women of all ages and backgrounds. When we come together in a circle, the power of the group helps to support and uplift all the members of the group. We will begin class with some gentle flowing yogic exercises to stretch and open the body. We will then light a candle and speak an intention for healing in five words or less. We will support our intention by chanting a healing mantra and closing with a guided meditation and deep relaxation.

Friday, February 20 | 6:30-8pm | regular class pricing | Strip District

Mediation Workshop

Meditation Workshops with Joni Sturgill

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Sunday, February 8 | 6-8pm | $25 | Squirrel Hill
New beginnings can be exciting, but changes can bring on feelings of anxiety too. We'll learn how to ease the anxiety while learning to embrace new things - from small changes, to major life shifts. Joni will teach several meditation and breathing techniques designed to help you let go and open to whatever comes your way. As always, Joni will spend time reviewing the basics and open up discussions on meditation, mindfulness and how to reduce and manage stress in your life.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Workshops with Joni Sturgill

Nurture yourself and learn to relax deeply in this restorative yoga workshop. Restorative yoga uses blankets, bolsters and blocks to support the body in restful postures. This encourages the body to relax, open, renew and heal. As the body releases deeply, the mind grows quiet and reflective, bringing your whole being into a more balanced state. Joni will assist you in setting up each pose, and will also teach you how to practice on your own, so you can experience this blissful state regularly! Please bring one or two thin blankets. Studio props are available for use, but are limited depending on the number of attendees. Register early, limit of 15 students.

+ Add to Cart Sunday, February 8 | 2-4pm | $25 | Strip District

Partner Meditation

Partner Meditation with Joni Sturgill

Sustaining healthy, fulfilling relationships (of any kind) can be challenging, especially during times of stress. Do you need to re-connect with your spouse, partner, friend, mother, father or other family member? This workshop is designed to allow you to quietly experience and appreciate each other's unique presence, without words getting in the way of your connection.

+ Add to Cart Saturday, February 14 | 3-4:30pm | $35/couple | Squirrel Hill

Teaching Private Lessons

One-to-One: Establishing a Private Client Practice with Richard Gartner

This lecture and Q&A workshop is a how-to for teachers looking to build a healthy client roster. The workshop is filled with tips, techniques and insights on instructing individuals. Richard details everything from the initial interview: establishing expectations, cultivating a beneficial client relationship and organizing your schedule. He also explains how cues, prop usage and adjustments can change in the private client setting.

+ Add to Cart Sunday, February 15 | 1:30-3:30pm | $35 | Strip District

Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Gentle Yoga with Positive Psychology Teacher Training with Joni Sturgill

Whether you’re interested in teaching seniors, those with injuries or other physical limitations, or just those who want to balance with something softer, Joni will provide a framework and series of movements/poses for teaching gentle yoga. She will provide opportunities for out-of-the box thinking when it comes to preparing classes or working with private students who have gentle needs. Joni will also draw on her Master's level psychology work to add a positive psychology twist, with meditations and concepts for healing through the power of positive thinking. Joni is an experienced 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher; this workshop will count toward continuing education for 200 hour teachers.

+ Add to Cart Saturday, February 21 | 2-5pm | $40 | Strip District

Total Therapy: Back

Total Yoga Therapy: Healthy Back with Linda Meacci

Most back pain is a symptom of conditions developed over time. It can be caused by overuse injuries, lack of movement, accident trauma, poor posture, prolonged sitting, and emotional and mental stress. The antidote? Healthy movement. Targeted movement increases blood flow to soft tissue, muscles and joints; restores stability and strength; works in an optimal range of motion to restore flexibility; balances the nervous system; promotes healing; and helps prevent future injury. In this exploratory workshop, Linda will present various forms of movement and yoga therapy designed to aid the back. She will guide you toward new insights into how your body moves, what causes pain, the importance of alignment and good posture, how to increase your kinesthetic awareness to produce more fluid and efficient movement in your body, and the vital role of the breath in releasing pain and tension. No prior yoga experience necessary. Open to all who want to have a healthy, stable back. Also encouraged for teachers who would like to earn therapeutic CEUs. Each participant will receive a healthy back home practice guide at the workshop.

+ Add to Cart Saturday, February 28 | 12-2:30pm | $35 in advance/$40 at the door | Strip District

Kino MacGregor

Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor

May 15-17, 2015

Kino MacGregor is one of a select group of people to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. The youngest woman to hold this title, she has completed the challenging Third Series and is now learning the Fourth Series.

After seven years of consistent trips to Mysore, at the age of 29, she received from Guruji the Certification to teach Ashtanga yoga and has since worked to pass on the inspiration to practice to countless others. The director and co-owner of Miami Life Center, she has produced four Ashtanga Yoga DVDs. Kino is dedicated to carrying the torch of Ashtanga yoga throughout the world and sharing the amazing tradition of Ashtanga yoga with everyone who is inspired to practice. In her unique, inspirational and playful approach Kino helps all her students expand and deepen their understanding of yoga and life. Yoga found its expression through her message of spiritual strength, balanced flexibility and emotional peace.

To learn more, please visit www.kinoyoga.com.